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    What Do Little Girls Love The Most?

    What do little girls love the most? That is a question we receive a lot here at Lily Nily. If you have a little girl of your own, you may know that they love playing dress up and house. But if you’re not a parent and you aren’t sure what little girls are into, learn more below about what little girls love the most.

    What do little girls love the most?

    Playing dress up!

    Little girls love to play dress up. Whether that’s in their mom’s old bridesmaid dresses or in costumes bought at the toy store, dress up is a serious source of entertainment and fantasy for many little girls. To make their dress up experience even better than before, buy a charm bracelet. A charm bracelet from Lily Nily can help to make their dress up time much more enjoyable and even more of a dream!

    Hosting a tea party!

    Hosting a tea party is part of every little girl’s weekly routine. Whether she has a tea party with her dog, friends in the neighborhood, parents or stuffed teddy bears, she has to be dressed for the part! Finding a pendent necklace that is perfect for the tea party would be the perfect gift!

    Shop for an 18k gold plated necklace or charm bracelet online now with Lily Nily, and contact us if you have any questions about your order.

    Daddy's Girl Deserves the Best

    Little girls love feeling like they are their daddy’s princess. Being daddy’s little princess can mean many things, but one that your daughter won’t ever forget is that she’s a daddy’s girl who loves you to the moon and back until the rest of time. If this sounds like you and your daughter’s relationship, you should think about getting her a little girl’s charm bracelet.

    Charm bracelets are one of the easiest pieces of jewelry a little girl can wear. Not only does a charm bracelet stay out of the way during play, but a bracelet gives a little girl the confidence that she’s the princess her daddy told her she is, and she will feel prettier than ever before! Charm bracelets are not attributed to looks, however; they can also provide your little girl with style. Unfortunately, style has to be modeled for your daughter until she’s old enough to buy her own things, but she can definitely give you her opinion on what she does like! By updating her wardrobe with some accessories like a girl’s charm bracelet from Lily Nily, she’ll have a style like no other little girl her age.

    What are you waiting for? Start shopping our incredible charm bracelets today and find one your daughter will love! From hearts and unicorns to stars and balloons, we know you’ll be able to find a bracelet that your little one will cherish forever! Let your little princess shine. Order online today!

    Girls Love Charm!

    Did you know that there’s more to jewelry than what meets the eye? There are so many different benefits of jewelry, and whether you’re 6-years-old or 39-years-old, jewelry can have the same affect on you. Fashion jewelry is a great trend, and now more than ever before young girls are exploring their options, including gold earrings for girls from Lily Nily. But what are the real benefits of fashion jewelry?

    Fashion jewelry is relatively affordable. It’s important to understand that no matter what age you are, jewelry trends and tastes will go in and out. It is also important to understand that every single girl out there has her own style. Style is a great way to express your personality, feelings and so much more. And we’re lucky to be a provider of fashion jewelry to young girls everywhere.

    Even though fashion jewelry is a treasured asset, jewelry that includes real diamonds can cause heartbreak if lost or stolen. When your little girl’s fashion jewelry turns up missing or damaged, you’ll be able to replace it without a problem and at an affordable price.

    To learn more about our little girls jewelry or to find the perfect gift for your little girl, shop for gold earrings online with Lily Nily! Contact us online today if you have any questions about our incredible selection! Christmas is coming up fast, so hurry in before all of your girl’s favorites are gone!

    What Are Lily Nily's Top Selling Bracelets?

    Little girls love jewelry. No matter if it’s with earrings, a shiny necklace or a colorful bracelet, little girls love to dress themselves up in decorative accessories just like their mother!  If you have a little girl who loves to dress up like you, it may be time to buy your little girl a jewelry set of her very own!

    At Lily Nily, you’ll be able to find all of the little girls jewelry you’ve been looking for, including girls charm bracelets. Girls charm bracelets are hard to find in your local retailer, which is why buying online is convenient. Currently, one of our best selling bracelets is the Unicorn Link Bracelet. For $40.00, your little girl will be able to decorate her wrist in a flashy, colorful, and girly bracelet. This unique unicorn bracelet is made with high polish 18k gold plating that’s linked by pink and white enamel unicorns. This adorable bracelet secures comfortably with a lobster claw clasp. And this charm bracelet is more unique than you could have imagine because it is hand-painted with love!

    Another charm bracelet that little girls love is the Heart Link Bracelet. This bracelet features a high polish, hand-painted hearts that are linked together with 18k gold plating. The pink enamel Heart Link Bracelet clasps together with a lobster claw and ships in a light pink box that you can save!

    Shop with Lily Nily online today and receive free shipping this holiday season!