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    News — girls jewelry

    Chores For Rewards

    Growing up we’re sure you can remember chores that you used to have. From mowing the lawn to scrubbing the bathroom, there are many chores that you would prefer not to do; but regardless, every parent has things around the house that must get done. If you’re a parent and you’re looking to reward your little girl with a piece of jewelry she’ll love, you have to start thinking of chores she’ll be capable of completing on her own.

    Age Appropriate Chores For Your Little Girl

    If your little girl is two- to three-years-old:

    Personal Chores -

    • Making her bed with your assistance.
    • Picking up her toys in her room or the playroom with your supervision.

    Family Chores -

    • Feeding the family pet with your supervision.
    • Helping the parent clean up dirt or spills.
    • Putting laundry in her laundry basket.

    If your little girl is four- to five-years-old:

    Note that your little princess may be trained to use a chart for chores if you choose.

    Personal Chores -

    • Making her bed with little help from the parent.
    • Bringing her own items from the house to the car and vice versa.
    • Getting dressed with little to no parental help.

    Family Chores -

    • Setting the table for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner with parental supervision.
    • Clearing the table after breakfast, lunch and/or dinner with parental supervision.
    • Helping to cook or prepare food for meals throughout the day.
    • Helping a parent bring small bags of groceries from the car inside.
    • Matching socks that are freshly dried from the drier.
    • Taking full responsibility for feeding pets and giving them water.
    • Hanging up wet towels after showering in the bathroom.
    After a month of consistent chores, your little girl may have just earned herself a reward! Shop for little girl’s jewelry online at Lily Nily today. Stay tuned for more great chores your little girl will enjoy.

    Is Your Child To Young For Jewelry?

    Let’s face it: so many little girls love jewelry. They see their mom, older sister, aunt and grandmother wear jewelry everyday; so why can’t they? If your daughter has been asking to wear jewelry for a while, it may be time to grab her attention by directing it to Lily Nily’s little girl’s jewelry. But before you get started, it’s important to ask yourself, “Is my child too young for jewelry?”


    Age matters when buying little girls jewelry. A locket, bead or charm could easily become a choking hazard if your little one likes to put things into her mouth. So, if you are still interested in finding the perfect necklace or bracelet for your little girl, choose simple and appropriate styles that are relevant to her age.


    Believe it or not, quality matters. There are potential hazards to buying cheap and inexpensive costume jewelry for your little girl to wear. Instead, opt for great quality jewelry that you know doesn’t contain any potentially dangerous amounts of lead, such as the little girls jewelry at Lily Nily.


    If your little girl has allergies, you can’t be caught buying cheap nickel necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Rather, elect a higher quality piece of jewelry for your child, such as an 18k gold necklace from the designers at Lily Nily.

    Don’t go anywhere just yet. The professionals behind the scenes here have more great points to make when you ask yourself the question, “Is my child too young for jewelry?”

    Three's A Charm

    Easter is right around the corner, which means gift baskets are being filled and the Easter bunny is hopping to your house. Surprising little girls with gifts they’ll love for years and years to come is a fun part about being a parent. And if you’re looking for a special gift to give to your little girl, shop for little girls jewelry at Lily Nily. Lily Nily is the leading online jewelry store for little girls, and all of the products are made of high quality products that are hand-painted.

    If you’re looking for the perfect Easter gift to give to your little girl, our jewelry is something you need you should peruse. Here are some recommendations:

    Charms Dangle Necklace

    This necklace is a beautifully crafted three-charm necklace. The three charms include a pink, hand-painted butterfly, white and yellow flower and black and red ladybug. This necklace is crafted with 18k gold overlay to give it a highly polished finish. Buy a gift boxed necklace for only $40.

    Butterfly Ring

    Nothing says “Spring is here,” like butterflies do. Buy the Butterfly Ring for $35 and watch your little girl blossom into a young lady. This ring is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5. The statement of this ring, the butterfly, is hand-painted with bright yellow enamel. Buy this gift boxed ring for only $35.

    Shop with us online today to find the perfect little girls jewelry to put in your daughter’s Easter basket. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

    Red, White and Pink Speak Valentine's Day

    Do you have a little girl that is your entire world? If so, the designers behind the scenes at Lily Nily are betting that you’re about ready to purchase a gift of a lifetime for your princess. If you thought that the gift giving season was over, think again! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and that means that it’s time to find the perfect little girls jewelry for your daughter. But what color jewelry should you buy?

    Valentine’s Day revolves around different shades of red and pink. If you aren’t aware, pink is a great choice of color to buy for a family member because it speaks affection, understanding and sweetness. It is also the result of white and red color combination, which also represents virginity and innocence. But light pink is also a color that represents friendship, admiration, gentility and grace. Understanding what the colors of Valentine’s Day mean will help you determine which piece of little girls jewelry to purchase.

    If you want to give your little girl a charm bracelet that represents purity and sweetness, the Heart Link Bracelet is your best bet. The Heart Link Bracelet is held together with high polished 18k gold plated enamel hearts. The hearts alternate pink and white colors. This beautiful bracelet can be the symbol of Valentine’s Day for your little girl for only $40. Shop online now with Lily Nily, and place your order before February 14th. If you have questions about our hand-painted bracelets, feel free to contact us.

    Give The Best Valentine's Day Gift

    Valentine’s Day is well on it’s way. And now that the holidays are over, you can concentrate on creating fun plans for your entire family! But one fact about Valentine’s Day is that girls love to be given gifts. Every little girl in your family deserves to feel like the most loved person in the universe, which is why shopping with Lily Nily for the finest little girls jewelry is your best option.

    Finding a gift can be hard, especially if you don’t want to buy your little girl flowers that will end up wilting in a week or two. Giving a gift that will last is worthwhile, and your little girl will think so too. One of the more popular pieces of little girls jewelry at Lily Nily are the bangle bracelets. Elect a little girls bangle bracelet with purple hearts, an owl or unicorns to be your princess’ favorite gift of all time.

    If you want to give a subtle gift that speaks a thousand words of love, the Purple Heart Tiles Bangle for $40 is worth every penny. This 18k gold overlay bracelet with high-polish finish is a fine choice from the parent of a little girl. With an easy-to-secure box clasp and safety catch, this hand-painted heart bangle bracelet is the perfect gift to give your little girl this Valentine’s Day. Shop online now with Lily Nily to find the perfect little girls jewelry! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.