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    Heart Shaped Girls Charm Bracelet As The Perfect Reward

    Rewards are a great thing, especially when you know that you’ve worked hard for something. Well, with age, the reward system doesn’t change. If you have ever done something great, and you’ve received a reward for your hard work, why wouldn’t you want to reward your little girl for doing something that’s justifiably awardable. Think back to when you were a kiddo. Did you mow lawns for a few bucks? Did you feed the family pet, or vacuum your room once a week? If you did said chores, did you get a reward? Nine times out of 10, the answer will be “yes.” So, have you thought about what type of reward your little girl has earned?

    Lily Nily is the leading jeweler for buying girls charm bracelets and more. So, if you’re reaching for a reward, it’s time to start shopping. But not so fast... What chore did your little girl complete? If she hasn’t earned her reward yet, here are some age-appropriate chores you can assign to your kiddo.

    Age Appropriate Chores For Your Little Girl

    If your little girl is six- to seven-years-old:

    Personal Chores -

    • Making her bed every day without help or supervision.
    • Brushing her teeth and combing hair.
    • Choosing an outfit for the day and getting dressed on her own.

    Family Chores -

    • Feeding the dog, cat or other family pet without supervision, and also take full responsibility for giving them water and exercise.
    • Vacuuming her room and other individual rooms that you assign to her.
    • Mopping bathrooms, the kitchen and other rooms that you assign to her.
    • Folding laundry with parental supervision or guidance.
    • Putting her laundry away in her closet and drawers.
    • Help preparing food for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner with supervision.
    • Emptying trash cans from bathrooms and the kitchen.
    • Answering the phone with parental supervision.

    Reward Earned

    If your little girl has successfully achieved any of the above chores consistently for a month or longer, we think that she has earned a beautiful girls charm bracelet from Lily Nily. From our Unicorn Link Bracelet to our Princess Wand Bracelet, there’s something for every little girl’s taste. Additionally, if you’d like to make your little girl’s reward better, you can have her work towards earning more of a reward. Most of our little girl’s jewelry has matching necklaces and earrings. We welcome you to search through a variety of our high-quality, hand-painted little girls jewelry to make your little one work hard.

    Our Favorites

    If a bracelet is what you’d like to get your daughter, we highly recommend purchasing the Heart Link Bracelet. You can choose from solid pink hearts or a combination of alternating solid pink and solid white hearts. Each heart is hand-painted with enamel. They are linked together with 18k gold plating that is easily secured with a lobster claw clasp. Learn more about the pink Heart Link Bracelet, or the white and pink Heart Link Bracelet by contacting us online with questions. Every bracelet will be shipped in a gift box, reward ready.

    Ask Yourself, " Is my child too young for jewelry?"

    Jewelry is a great way to play dress-up and seems to spark every little girl’s interest. If you’re the mother or father of a little girl who has been asking for jewelry, or peaking interest into the jewelry women around her wear, it may be time to ask yourself the question, “Is my child too young for jewelry?” In our previous post, we started giving you some feedback that may lead to the answer of that question; here are two more justifications you may find useful.


    If your little princess isn’t scared to get grass-stained knees and play rough, you may want to restrict where she wears her high quality gold earrings or little girls’ charm bracelet. Although our jewelry is made to wear for years to come, playing rough may damage the perfection that these pieces of jewelry hold. It’s important to note that just because your little girl is active doesn’t mean she isn’t mature enough to wear glamorous and classy jewelry; we simply suggest you keep an extra eye out for rough play while it is worn.


    Let’s be honest: children are prone to losing things. If you’ve ransacked your child’s bedroom to find a missing piece of clothing or toy, you may find that your child is not ready to have high quality jewelry. However, if you want to give your little girl a memorable piece of jewelry, you can tell her to make sure to keep it someplace safe. Try buying her a quaint jewelry box to keep her new girl’s charm bracelet inside when she’s not wearing it.

    We hope we have helped you determine whether or not your little girl is ready to wear a simple, yet adorable, girls charm bracelet. Shop with us online now if she’s ready!

    Tea Time Charm

    Even though it can be tough to find the perfect gift for your little girl, surprising her with something she’s not expecting is one of the best ways to let her know you care. Although the major gift giving season is over, there’s always a reason to buy your little girl a necklace, earrings or a charm bracelet.

    In fact, a girls charm bracelet makes the perfect addition to any tea party. If your little one loves to invite all of her best guests (stuffed animals, favorite teddy bears, etc.) to an enchanted tea party on a daily or weekly basis, it’s time to make it more exciting! Find the perfect charm bracelets for your kiddo to wear during her tea parties when you shop online with Lily Nily.

    If we had to choose one charm bracelet for your little girl’s tea party, it’d be the Pink Flower Link Bracelet. This bracelet sells for $40, and it will give your little one more than just charm while serving her teddies and stuffed animals. The Pink Flower Link Bracelet features 18k gold plating with light pink enamel flowers. The 10 hand-painted flowers linked together on this bracelet will give your little one the extra confidence to serve her guests with nothing less than perfection. Although this bracelet is little, it’s perfect for a big tea party. It is hand-painted and ready to clasp onto your little girl’s wrist while she’s having the tea party of a lifetime. Shop online with Lily Nily to view more great tea party charm bracelet options. Feel free to contact the designers at Lily Nily if you have any questions or concerns.

    Show The Bunny Who's Boss

    Are you looking for a gorgeous charm bracelet for your little girl? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Lily Nily is known for our high quality little girls’ jewelry. Our unstoppable collection of girls charm bracelets are just a small part of our company, but we’re proud of it. You can shop for many different styles of bracelets, including both charm and bangle.

    Some of our newest additions to our girls charm bracelets include the Tennis Racket Link Bracelet and Unicorn Link Bracelet. These two charms bracelets are fun, charming and howl “princess.”

    Tennis Racket Link Bracelet

    This bracelet has peachy pink and lime green colors that fill the heart links. However, the center of attention is the pink, green and gold tennis racket with a hollow heart in the center of the racket. This $40 girls charm bracelet is hand-painted with enamel and brass, and is 5 inches long with an optional 1 inch extension. Shop this 18k gold-plated girls bracelet online with us today!

    Unicorn Link Bracelet

    Our unicorn girls charm bracelet is one of our most popular. It features high-polish 18k gold-plated charms that are hand-painted. There are six pink and white unicorns on this adorable bracelet. With 5 inches in length and a 1 inch extension available, this girls charm bracelet is everything your little girl has ever wanted. Buy this $40 Unicorn Link Bracelet online now!

    Contact us with any questions or concerns about your order.

    Buy Your Princess A Charm Bracelet For V-Day

    Now that the holidays are over you may be taking a deep breath thinking that all of your shopping is over. Let us be the first to notify you that Valentine's Day is well on it’s way, and if you have a little girl that loves jewelry, it’s time for you to buy your next gift.

    Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people you love the most in your life just that, love! Give the princess in your life a gift that she’ll cherish her entire life. At Lily Nily, you can shop for any little girls jewelry, including bangle charm bracelets, pendant necklaces, earrings and rings. So, what is it that your daughter will adore the most?

    Our top pick for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is one of our girl’s charm bracelets. Choose between hearts, flowers and butterflies to give your little one the biggest smile. Take a glimpse at all of our fan favorite charm bracelets, such as the Princess Wand Bracelet.

    The Princess Wand Bracelet is fairly new to our collection of charm bracelets here at Lily Nily, but that’s nothing to be shy about. This charm bracelet has everything every little girl loves: pastel pink colors, dainty chains and gold! The Princess Wand Bracelet features a captivating hand-painted princess wand held together with a petite gold chain. View the Pricess Wand Bracelet and purchase it for $20. Be ready to give this gift to your daughter because it comes ready to give in a light pink box with a bow.