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    Assign Chores and Give Rewards

    Everyone loves being told “great job”,”keep it up”, and many other rewarding terms being said their way. If this sounds like something that you have been telling your little girl, it may be time to step it up a notch. Giving your little girl more than encouraging words may spike her hard work and determination to do better, whether that’s cleaning her room or studying for a spelling bee at school. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, gold earrings for girls may be the best item to buy as a reward. So what types of chores can you assign your little girl? Depending on the age of your little girl, you may want to think about reading our past blogs to find an age-appropriate chore. Here are more:

    Age Appropriate Chores For Your Little Girl

    If your little girl is eight- to 11-years-old:

    Note: Like we mentioned in our previous post, a family chore chart may become beneficial to your daughter, and this is the perfect age to implement one.

    Personal Chores -

    • Keeping her bedroom clean at all times.
    • Full responsibility for her homework.
    • Full responsibility for her own belongings.
    • Waking up on her own using an alarm clock.
    • Taking care of her own personal hygiene (showering, combing hair, etc.).

    Family Chores -

    • Washing dishes after meals.
    • Washing the family car with guidance or supervision.
    • Preparing a few meals on her own (making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich).
    • Light yard work (raking leaves, picking weeds, planting flowers, etc.).
    • Learning how to use the washer and dryer.
    • Putting her own laundry away and folding laundry by herself.
    • Taking out the trash can for pick-up on trash days.
    • Screening phone calls using the caller ID and only answering when appropriate.

    Shop For Rewards

    Clearly, there are plenty of chores your eight to 11-year-old has the ability to complete. So, now comes to fun part! What type of jewelry does your little girl love? If she’s totally into wearing earrings, you’re in luck. At Lily Nily, you’ll be able to find all of the appropriate gold earrings for girls that are high-quality and made to last. From Flower Leverback Earrings to Striped Heart Stud Earrings, we have it all. Plus, each and every one of our earrings are hand-painted with acrylic paint and backed with easy clasps that are coated in 18k gold.

    Our Favorites

    Some of our favorites include our out-of-the-ordinary Musical Notes Stud Earrings. These earrings are very unique. A new trend is taking hold of women and girls worldwide - mismatched earrings. When you take a look at these earrings, you’ll notice that they’re not symmetrical. One stud earring is an 8th note and the other is a beamed note, making the perfect mismatch combination for staying unique. Each earring is coated in 18k yellow gold and are clasped with butterfly closures on a stainless steel post. Each musical note is hand-painted and they are shipped in a gift box. Check out these popular Musical Notes Stud Earrings and buy them as a reward for your hard-working daughter here. Stay tuned for our next blog.

    Have You Bought Easter Bunny Gifts?

    Easter is well on its way! Have you found a gift for your little girl yet? Whether you love to treat your princess to as much chocolate she wants or by buying her gold earrings we’re sure she’ll be excited. So, beside chocolate, have you thought about what type of gold earrings you want to buy?

    We make it easy at Lily Nily. Shopping with us is simple, and we keep our products arranged perfectly to allow you to find the cutest gold earrings for your little girl that she’ll love. Our earrings come in all sorts of colors, which makes it easy to find one your daughter will love. Whether she’s into ducks, hearts, pandas or wands, we have it all.

    Our earrings are easy to attach to the earlobe. With leverback dangle and push back stud earrings, your little one will be able to put her earrings on all by herself! Each set of gold earrings for girls is made with 18k gold overlay and are hand-painted with a high-polish finish. These earrings are the highest quality you can find for little girls everywhere. Plus, they come pre-boxed and ready to gift. All you have to do is place your little girl’s new gold earrings in her Easter basket. She’ll be so surprised when she finds out that the Easter bunny gave her some earrings that will last a lifetime.

    To order your princess some gold earrings for Easter, visit us online today!

    Sweet Gold Earrings For Your Little Girl

    Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to buy your little one something that she can cherish for a lifetime. Do you ever remember receiving jewelry from your parents when you were a young girl? If you did, we can bet that you still have the necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring in your jewelry box for safe keeping. Why not create the same sense of security for your princess who is going to grow up faster than you can imagine? When you shop online with Lily Nily, you’ll be able to give your little one a piece of jewelry that she’ll remember and will keep for a lifetime.

    Earrings are one of the easiest pieces of jewelry a girl can wear. Put the earrings in place, fasten them securely and wear them day in and day out. Never worry that your little one will lose her jewelry. Instead buy sturdy little girls gold earrings she’ll cherish. Gold earrings for girls are scarce, especially earrings that are made distinctly for little princesses like your very own daughter.

    Browse the hundreds of earrings available for purchase from our online boutique for little girls today and be happy that you bought your daughter earrings that will last a lifetime. A fan favorite pair of earrings include the Lollipop Swirl Stud Earrings. For only $25, these earrings can be the gift that you give your little girl on Valentine’s Day. Our unique 18k gold-plated brass studs are painted with maroon and purple enamel to signify a lollipop design. Secure these earrings with push-back clasps. View these cute stud earrings and purchase them before it’s too late!

    Stocking Stuffers Galor

    Finding the perfect gift for your little girl can be stressful around the holidays. Whether you think your little one has it all or you just don’t know what she’ll cherish the most, Lily Nily is here to help! Shop with Lily Nily, the leading little girl’s jewelry provider online to find charm bracelets and gold earrings for girls.

    You read right, we have gold earrings for girls that can’t be found anywhere else. The earrings that we have at Lily Nily will blow all of your expectations of little girls jewelry out of the water. Although you’ll spend a few dollars more to purchase these sparkling earrings, it’s important that you understand that they were built to last for years.

    Our Lily Nily earrings for girls are made with 18k gold-plated brass and enamel. What also makes them a little more special than another pair of earrings you may be looking at is that they’re hand-painted with love! You can’t find many gold earrings for girls that are hand-painted these days. So get started shopping our incredible selection of little girls earrings today. Choose from dangles and studs, and even find a pair that’s a little more unique, like Yellow Duck Stud Earrings!

    Some of the newest earrings we have include the Flower Leverback Earring, Pink Panda Stud Earrings, Princess Wand Leverback Earrings and the pair we just mentioned, the Yellow Duck Stud Earrings. Choose wisely and tuck these earrings away in your daughter's stocking this holiday season!