Chores For Rewards

Growing up we’re sure you can remember chores that you used to have. From mowing the lawn to scrubbing the bathroom, there are many chores that you would prefer not to do; but regardless, every parent has things around the house that must get done. If you’re a parent and you’re looking to reward your little girl with a piece of jewelry she’ll love, you have to start thinking of chores she’ll be capable of completing on her own.

Age Appropriate Chores For Your Little Girl

If your little girl is two- to three-years-old:

Personal Chores -

  • Making her bed with your assistance.
  • Picking up her toys in her room or the playroom with your supervision.

Family Chores -

  • Feeding the family pet with your supervision.
  • Helping the parent clean up dirt or spills.
  • Putting laundry in her laundry basket.

If your little girl is four- to five-years-old:

Note that your little princess may be trained to use a chart for chores if you choose.

Personal Chores -

  • Making her bed with little help from the parent.
  • Bringing her own items from the house to the car and vice versa.
  • Getting dressed with little to no parental help.

Family Chores -

  • Setting the table for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner with parental supervision.
  • Clearing the table after breakfast, lunch and/or dinner with parental supervision.
  • Helping to cook or prepare food for meals throughout the day.
  • Helping a parent bring small bags of groceries from the car inside.
  • Matching socks that are freshly dried from the drier.
  • Taking full responsibility for feeding pets and giving them water.
  • Hanging up wet towels after showering in the bathroom.
After a month of consistent chores, your little girl may have just earned herself a reward! Shop for little girl’s jewelry online at Lily Nily today. Stay tuned for more great chores your little girl will enjoy.

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